Unwrapping Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts with the Book of Jenesys

 Unwrapping Your Child’s Spiritual Gifts with the Book of Jenesys

Is there a single or widely used definition of children’s literature? The truth is that it can be defined as anything from poetry to fiction stories that capture the interest of children. Jenesys is the latest publisher around. The newly published children books have caught the attention of many children and parents.

Jenesys pronounced as Genesis focuses on an eight-year-old girl who uses her book to help other children overcome their troubles and also those who are in need. This book that the girl uses is quite reliable given that it was written and published by her father who then passed it over to her. Papa J was the name of her father. He had written the book before Jenesys was born. In the book, Papa J talks about the lessons he learnt from his mother when he was growing up. By age two after Jenesys was born, the book was presented to her. Fortunately, Jenesys loved the book at her tender age and got attached to it. For this very reason, no single day could pass before she read it. The most important bit is that this young girl who is already eight years continues to use the book with an untold dedication to help and inspire others.

Papa Js’ book has a lot of Bible verses that relate to everyday life, and Jenesys has always been determined to abide by them all. Anytime this young girl is sad or discouraged; she turns to particular pages that relate to the situation at hand and finds the inspiration she need. Ordinarily, it is hard to believe that whenever Jenesys uses the children book to inspire other people and lighten their bad mood, a voice from above speaks to her and says “Well done my daughter”.

About Jenesys: Jenesys is a fun-loving kid and loves to meet new people. Just like most girls, she loves the colors pink and purple. Any time you meet her, she is more likely to be dressed in a multicultural dress. The most important bit is that she does not leave her book behind. She is an intelligent and very wise kid who loves to travel the world with her adorable little puppy who she has named Zoey. What’s more, she has a large heart that draws other children to her.

The Book Series: “The book of Jenesys” focuses on Jenesys and how she was brought up. Out of what she read from her father’s book and how she applied it in her upbringing. She then brings all this information in her book.

“The World by Jenesys” Is the other very interesting book from this young girl. She loves to travel, so has gone to her mother’s and father’s countries of birth. After exploring each, she undergoes a lot of discoveries, learns new languages, and also tries to use the newly learned languages for communication. She also talks about how her dog disappears in Egypt and how she depends on her book to trace Zoey,

Well, there is just so much your kids will enjoy from these books. What’s more important is that children will get inspiration and learn a lot from the books.