The Book of Jenesys: The Incredible Tale of Overcoming Obstacles in Life

 The Book of Jenesys: The Incredible Tale of Overcoming Obstacles in Life

What’s the Book of Jenesys all about you might ask? This is an incredible children’s book that introduces readers to the wonderful world of Jenesys where an extremely courageous eight year old little girl decides to assist other children who are in distress and helps them overcome the troubles and strife they face in their lives.

The little girl uses the powers at be within her magical book called the book of Jenesys (the Bible) to help other young children in need and encourage people to make miraculous changes in their lives. The Book of Jenesys hones in on how this young girl was raised, what she read from her father’s book and how she made it applicable to her own life. This young leader is not only caring and empathetic towards other people but she is also highly intelligent and very generous. The most significant aspect of this incredibly selfless character is that although she is only eight years of age, she still continues to take situations into her own hands and understands that she has the autonomy and self-control to change the world around her.

The story is highly motivated by the values emphasized in the Christian Bible and aims to reach the far ends of the globe with its profound impact on young minds. The purpose of the series is to reach the millions of young children and help them conquer their problems in life. The children’s book encourages kids to realize that the world is in their own hands should they learn to adopt the right values and live true to the teachings of the Book of Jenesys (the Bible). By spreading love, peace and unity, the books strategy engages the young mind in the most applicable way possible by enticing them with adventure stories, overcoming challenges, forming strong friendships and learning about life in an exciting and engaging way.

The author of the book, Justin P. Wayoro is an award-winning writer and director who has brought a degree of honesty and visual artistry to the production of this children’s book that has left behind a creative and conceptual masterpiece. Born in the Ivory Coast and being a staunch family man, Wayoro understands the true value of the Christian spirit, which shines through in all of his work. This children’s book is illustrated beautifully, in such a way that children will really find affinity with it and where the style is highly suitable for young children as well. All of the characters are highly relatable and provide children with an engaging and educational experience to enrich their young minds.

The book requires an active contribution from the public where its producers are on a mission to make this world a far better place than it is. Promoting the Christian values, reaching young readers, spreading love and peace and helping children remains the mission of the Christian books creators. For more information visit the campaign page: or the official website